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Airstrikes target Sebha for the first time since liberation

Air strikes target Sebha for the first time since liberation 


A warplane targeted the headquarters of the Turkish company in Sabha on Thursday, without causing any casualties.

Sebha,Temenhent,and Brack Alshatti witnessed continuous warplanes flying over the cities.

In a statement of the municipalities deans of Sabha, Wadi al-Buanis and Bark Ashatti, they condemned the security tension in Temenhent and Brack, describing it as a serious security escalation that would transform the safe area into a bloody conflict arena. They blamed politicians for their attempt to export their failures and crises to the dying region, and called for the presidential council to protect the southern border.

The officer of the armed forces in the southern region issued a call to push the region away from political rivalries and wars, and urged the elders and leaders to intervene to stop the fight.


Written by Khadija Al-Berzanji

Translated by Fattoum Nasser


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