Fezzan Libya Group

Fezzan Libya Group

Fezzan Libya Group is an independent organisation run by a group of Libyans based in Sebha who report on the events in the South of Libya, ranging from political events, clashes between various armed forces and on the work of civil society organisations and activists. It was founded in 2012 in which it began reporting through its social media accounts in both Arabic and English when no other source was providing similar services. Since 2012 FLG has been constantly advocating for Libyans activists in the South on social media and has become a network between the South, the rest of Libya and the international community for information. In addition to youth-led reporting and media coverage, FLG has further been structured into a community-based initiative with three distinct sub-divisions: Fezzan Libya Media Group, Fezzan Libya Civil Group and Fezzan Libya Aid Group.    

1. Fezzan Libya Media Group:

1media-group-logoThis is the media platform group which maintains impartiality and transparency. The journalists are all volunteers that come from across the south of Libya covering real stories in the region and strive to introduce various Libyan towns usually left without proper coverage. They also report on some of the events in both the western and eastern region of the country and provide detailed analysis of the political and security situation in Libya especially the South. Everyone is welcome to participate in our activities. We will gladly post your photos and stories in Arabic and English.



2. Fezzan Libya Civil Group: 

civilA group of activists who work on launching initiatives to support community development and public issues with the local community, and achieve successful partnerships with local civic and international institutions.  The aim is to uphold the principles of civilian life to contribute to the construction of Libya, the state of law, support of local institutions and freedom. 




3. Fezzan Libya Aid Group:

The group aims to improve and assist the humanitarian situation in the South of Libya. The group will conduct rapid assessment to reach out to the most vulnerable families including internally displaced persons and minorities.  Rapid assessments will also be in line with the findings of humanitarian assessments conducted by UN agencies and international organisations where relevant and available.